Jessica Ward

Hi! I'm Jess, a (mostly-backend, with a ✨sprinkle✨ of frontend) developer from the Isle of Man 🇮🇲.

I've been developing for around years. of those have been professional.

My main technology choices inculde .NET (Core/5/6/7), Python (for random scripts and quick automations), and SQL Server. I host my personal projects on Azure.

I write code in a somewhat functional-style, not quite to the limitations of the language (C#), but I know a bit of Haskell, which helps with pushing it further than usual.

I'm an avid music fan (both listening and playing), I play bass and guitar mostly, but write a lot of software-synth-heavy music using Logic Pro X.

I'm also a motorsport fan! I watch and marshall the Isle of Man TT, and follow Formula 1, WEC, MotoGP etc (Come on Red Bull!)

Currently studing for a Computing degree with the Open University.