MU123 - Discovering Mathematics

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To add a bit of context, this is one of two modules I completed in my first year at the Open University. I also hadn't studied maths since high school.

MU123 Syllabus

The module started out by introducing some very basic concepts (think number lines, rounding, negative numbers etc). I was worried that I'd picked the wrong module, and should have chosen the module one step higher (MST124 - Essential Mathematics). Thankfully however, the module did ramp up pretty quickly into content I was more comfortable with (and in the late stages it eventually became quite challenging).

I felt the pacing and structure of the module was fantastic (especially for somebody with maths skills ranging from higher-GCSE to lower A-level).

The module contained a perfect blend of self exploration, online tools, lectures and written content (in both digital and print content).

As far as I could see, the graphing tools seemed to be written by the Open University themselves, and serve as an excellent visual aid. I played around with them for hours figuring out how different parameters affected the shape of the graph, in the context of the problem at hand.

The textbooks are available in both digital and physical form (both are supplied to you at no additional cost). The physical textbook is well-produced, and has plenty of room in the margin for notes 👍

I thouroughly enjoyed the module, it served as a great refresher of maths skills before starting the rest of the degree. I even considered taking the higher maths module, though, unfortunately this wouldn't be possible unless I changed my degree to some sort of open STEM degree.

If you're taking this module, the most interesting unit by far is the final unit; Exponentials. It's written very well, and introduces new concepts in a clear, consise way as and when they're needed.